Published on November 22, 2003 By devilsfoodcake In Misc
i find it very odd how warm the weather has been in pittsburgh lately.... 65 in november??? is this from all those years of aqua net hairspray?? i feel like i have contributed to the delinquency of our ozone.. guilt guilt.. i should be happy its been so mild but at the same time i feel scared i may have to wear some sun protection suit when i am an old lady...... and will me children be fried?? or forced to live underground?? i need to do some beading...before i drive myslef crazy trying to fix the world...

have a great weekend and eat lots of chocolate!!
on Nov 25, 2003
wow, 65 in november, that goes against everything i have heard about pittsburgh. i remember the days of mall hair and aqua net, how i miss them sometimes. now its my own kids and they are the ones with the crazy clothes and wacky hairstyles. If we have to wear some tinfoil suits i give up!!!!!!