i feel like i am one of those 30 somethings trying desperately to hang onto my youth.. and when i say youth i mean late teens early twenties...i know i am still young but the 30 transition wasn't that easy for me... it presented many more social issues than i realized..like when your 30 you should be responsible, married have a kid or two and pay your bills on time.. in your twenties that kind of irresponsibilty gets laughed off and people figure you'll learn...now if you act that way its just damn pathetic... but i am trying.. and when i feel like not acting my age..i have hello kitty...
have a safe and happy weekend..
on Nov 21, 2003
I know what you mean. One day you're hanging out with your friends after class and the4n suddenly you're telling your 6 year old "I'll give you somethign to cry about!"
on Nov 22, 2003
yes and if i blink again.. i will be 40... ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh