Published on November 19, 2003 By devilsfoodcake In Welcome
cake says:
greetings fellow bloggers.... wet and rainy in pittsburgh today with winter approaching fast.... this will be a great way for me to sound off and not offend those around me.. hopefully...

todays thought is toxic people.. how do we let them into our lives?? scary thing is that once they are in its so hard to get rid of them.. you know any "lil dirty secret" is sure to be used against you.. when all u want to say is f&^% you.. i need to rid myself of a rather bothersome one while doing damage control at the same time.. any thoughts???
i may be chicken to stand up for myslef like i should..
i love making beaded jewerly.. anyone with a cool site please share.. warm thoughts and wishes.....til next time.... p.s. just got a nikon coolpix 2100..LOVE it.. would recommend to anyone in the market for a cool, cute, small and very chic camera...wink wink.. i am a chic .. it alllllll has to be chic....
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